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"Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of a bike ride" John F. Kennedy

  My name is Alan Biggins. Welcome to my site. Here you will read about my cycling holidays in France - and hopefully decide to come along for a ride - because Cycling is great.  You see new places and meet new people - and you are a part of the scene, not just a passive observer stuck in a car. Being outdoors and exercising make you feel fulfilled and happy (usually!). Vital, alive, living, experiencing - healing to the body and soothing to the soul..


Ask any cyclist - holidays on a bike are high spots of life. Great times in the present and a treasure trove of memories for the future. The best.

And, of course, just about any pleasure is better shared. Again, there is a lot of reasons for that and I summarise them in why cycle with us.

This site is new in 2016 and it starts with a single route. Click to find out more about the route.   

And, of course, you need a bike which will get you around, be comfortable and safe to ride and not let you down. Here we describe how to get the right bike yours or ours.

And, if your cycling is a bit rusty, you need to be happy that you're up to a bike ride. You probably are. Reading the the right you will probably set your mind at rest

And as well as getting your bike right, you need to take the right cycling luggage

Here is a page of Frequently Asked Questions and here is the booking form

If you decide to come along, chances are you will get to know me, either by email or personally, on a bike ride - so, here is a page about me and here's one about the books I've written about France  

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